Forbidden Fruit

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Unleash the scent of burning desire.

Electrify the room with the irresistible fragrance of sun-sweetened dark raspberries and blackberries with our Forbidden Fruit jar candle fragrance.

This fragranced jar candle creates an enchanting ambience ideal for romantic settings, featuring a seductive blend of base notes of Vanilla and Malt intertwined with the irresistible fragrance of luscious raspberries, succulent blackberries, and juicy peaches. The exotic allure of berries and peaches adds a tantalizing touch to the overall fragrance of this floral-scented candle, immersing your room in a mouthwatering scent that arouses the senses and lingers in the air, leaving you craving more.

All our candles are made from ethically sourced and sustainable products. We make use of only the highest quality fragrance oils, which are 100% Phthalate free and eco-friendly lead-free cotton wicks to give you the best of the luxury scented candle experience.

All Wix and Cinder candles are hand-poured in Sydney.

400g (Approx 60+ hrs)