Cake by the Ocean

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Fan the flames of passion.

Delight in the intoxicating blend of vibrant pineapple, zesty oranges, and a tantalizing touch of tart cranberries, harmoniously mingling with the alluring essence of premium Vodka and Peach Schnapps in our Cake by the Ocean fragranced jar candle.

Immerse yourself in a sensory experience that mirrors the tropical mixed drink it takes inspiration from, as the strong and mild notes seamlessly unite. This exquisite floral-scented candle not only ignites the gentle sparks of romance but also fans them into the burning flames of passion, creating a captivating and seductive ambience.

All our candles are made from ethically sourced and sustainable products. We make use of only the highest quality fragrance oils, which are 100% Phthalate free and eco-friendly lead-free cotton wicks to give you the best of the luxury scented candle experience.

All Wix and Cinder candles are hand-poured in Sydney.


400g (Approx 60+ hrs)