Oriental Bloom

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The scent of luxury

Elevate the scent of any room and transform the atmosphere with the opulent allure of our exquisite Oriental Bloom fragrance.

Inspired by the exotic cocktail made from honey-sweet florals and fresh fruits, this scented candle imbibes the exact scents of this exquisite drink. Embark on a sensory journey inspired by the exotic cocktail, where the irresistible blend of honey-sweet florals and freshly picked fruits takes centre stage.

Immerse yourself in the exact scents of this exquisite luxury-scented candle as top notes of crushed Pine and Mandarin intertwine, giving way to the opulent middle notes of Neroli and Grapes. Finally, the captivating base notes of Jasmine, Vanilla, and Cedarwood cast their enchanting spell, culminating in a rich, sumptuous fragrance that effortlessly elevates the atmosphere of any room. Prepare to be enveloped in a symphony of irresistible aromas, where each delicate nuance contributes to an ambience of sheer indulgence.

All our candles are made from ethically sourced and sustainable products. We make use of only the highest quality fragrance oils, which are 100% Phthalate free and eco-friendly lead-free cotton wicks to give you the best of the luxury scented candle experience.

All Wix and Cinder candles are hand-poured in Sydney.

400g (Approx 60+ hrs)