Orange Dawn

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Bubblegum delight in a jar

Imbue your home with the sweet scent of bubblegum and ripe summer fruits with our crowd-pleasing Orange Dawn floral-scented candles.

Ignite a sense of playful nostalgia with our luxurious scented candle, crafted to evoke the delightful aroma of bubble gum with a subtle base of Vanilla and Musk layered with the essence of sun-ripened summer fruits. Indulge in the sweet and captivating fragrance that fills the air as this decorative candle's flame dances and illuminates your space. With each gentle flicker, be transported to carefree moments of childhood joy, where the sugary scent of freshly unwrapped bubble gum sets your senses ablaze.

All our candles are made from ethically sourced and sustainable products. We make use of only the highest quality fragrance oils, which are 100% Phthalate free and eco-friendly lead-free cotton wicks to give you the best of the luxury scented candle experience.

All Wix and Cinder candles are hand-poured in Sydney.

400g (Approx 60+ hrs)