Purple Translucent Glass Wax Melt Burner

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Highten your home's luxurious appeal with our exquisitely designed wax melt burners. Combining both functionality and aesthetic charm, this burner is the epitome of elegance, offering a sophisticated, efficient, and safe way to hold and infuse your space with the captivating scents of fragranced melts and oils.

The thoughtfully crafted design of our glass melt burners ensures optimal air circulation, effortlessly allowing the fragrance of your melts to permeate every corner of your home.

Choose our purple translucent glass option for a bold statement. The rich translucent purple colouration is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and grandeur to your living spaces. Embrace the captivating allure of our purple sheer glass option, a bold statement piece that effortlessly stands out as a focal point of elegance.

Dimensions: Approximately 120mm x 120mm